My Car Was Broken Into, Will My Homeowner’s Policy Cover Theft?

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You walk out of your house in the morning to find that someone broke into your car. While they left the car intact, your personal belongings are gone! Your car insurance policy covers theft, but only as it relates to the structure of your vehicle. Things like stereo equipment, wheels, and the actual car itself are covered, but any personal belongings you keep in the car are not.

Have you ever wondered if you can file a homeowner’s claim for theft if someone breaks into your vehicle? Most people don’t know it, but the typical homeowner’s policy extends to personal belongings too. If they happen to be in your car, well, they may be protected. 

Personal Property Protection as Part of Your Homeowner’s Insurance

The type of coverage your homeowner’s policy has depends on what you purchase. In many cases, standard homeowner’s coverage includes protection for the dwelling (your home), surrounding structures (barns, sheds etc.), personal liability, additional living expenses and personal property that is stolen inside and outside the home.

Personal property protection as part of your homeowner’s policy covers your belongings in the event of theft. But, there is a limit. While most furniture, appliances, electronics and clothing are protected, personal belongings coverage usually does not extend to laptops, cell phones, purses, work tools, etc. That doesn’t mean that the items in your car are not protected. Your policy may cover more than you think. 

Who Is Protected Against Theft Under Your Homeowner’s Policy? 

Family members and anyone listed on your homeowner’s policy will have the same personal property protection. This means a spouse, children, and even those living in a different residence are covered if they are identified on your policy. For instance, if your child is away at college and has items stolen from a dorm room, they may be protected.

Theft Your Homeowner’s Policy Will Not Cover

While every policy is different, there are some items the standard homeowner’s policy will not cover. Expensive items like furs or jewelry are generally not covered, or only covered partially. If your wedding ring is stolen, chances are your homeowner’s policy will only reimburse you up to a certain amount, say, $2,000.

Cash is also not covered in entirety. Policy limits are often set at $200. If you are Christmas shopping for instance, and your purse is stolen from your car with a few hundred dollars missing, you likely cannot claim the entire amount. Theft of your actual car is also not covered under your homeowner’s policy. You can however, purchase theft insurance for your vehicle through your car insurance policy. 

Let Us Help You Get the Protection You Deserve 

We’d be happy to discuss your current situation, so you can take full advantage of the options available to you as part of your homeowner’s insurance policy. No one likes to be the victim of theft. But, if you are informed, prepared and protected, everything usually works out. Give us a call today and let’s see how we can help you get peace of mind. 



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