Colorado RV Insurance – What are my Options?

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If adventure is calling and you’re answering by hitting the open road in an RV, don’t forget to protect your road trip. Depending on how you plan to use your RV determines what type of insurance you need. Some Colorado companies offer coverage through an extension of your auto insurance. Other companies offer more extensive coverage that functions as a combination of auto, home and travel insurance all rolled into one policy.

Why Special RV Insurance?

When it comes to protecting your life on the road, specialized recreational vehicle insurance is essential. Owners face more risks than regular drivers. For example, you need coverage for your property inside. You also need liability coverage in case a guest comes to visit and injures themselves while in your RV.

An recreational vehicle carries much greater exposure for property damage than a regular vehicle. Your RV may contain expensive belongs such as cameras, laptops, jewelry, and other electronics. Also, your RV likely includes special equipment such as generators, water pumps and even solar panels that must be adequately insured.

The Cost of RV Insurance in Colorado

Like other types of insurance, the cost of insurance varies. A luxury Class C motor home will cost more to insure than a pull behind teardrop trailer. Still, RV insurance tends to be less expensive than auto insurance. Several factors go into creating the insurance rates. Here are a few considerations:

  1. Driving history
  2. Age and gender
  3. Marital status
  4. Creditworthiness
  5. Your RV age and model
  6. Where you store the RV
  7. How you use the RV. For example, do you use it for vacation, or do you live in it?

Special Coverages in Colorado

In addition to covering the basics, like liability and property damage, owners can purchase customized coverages to get the most comprehensive insurance available. Here are a few of the most utilized coverages.

Personal property coverage: Protecting the contents of your recreational vehicle is essential. A policy may contain a blanket limit for all your property, or you may schedule certain highly valuable items such as electronics and jewelry. Either way, personal property coverage is a must-have.

Special roadside assistance: If you break down you need more than just an everyday tow truck. Special roadside assistance coverage will make sure you can get back on the road safely without spending a fortune.

Trailer coverage: If you tow something behind such as a golf cart or kayak, RV insurance offers coverage in case anything goes wrong with the trailer.

Discounts for RV insurance

Many carriers offer safe driver discounts, like those applied to auto policies. Part-time road warriors can also enjoy a discount while the RV is in storage.

Hit the Open Road, but Not Without RV Insurance

If adventure is calling, answer it! Just make sure you protect your property. RV insurance offers benefits and coverages custom made for the RV life.

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