The Silver Sneakers Program

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Exercise has countless benefits – it improves cardiovascular health and keeps bones strong and healthy. It can build and tone muscle and improve balance. Not to mention the positive effects it has on mental health and even sleep!

With all these benefits, every one of us should have a regular exercise routine. But if you are an older adult and are having trouble getting in your physical activity, your Medicare Advantage plan offers a little help for you.

The Silver Sneakers program is offered by some Medicare Advantage programs as a benefit to help keep you healthy and fit. The program includes access to fun, social and fitness-oriented activities. It is custom made with seniors in mind to keep you engaged in fitness.

Silver Sneakers is a nationwide program and membership in it gives you free access to any participating gym or fitness center in your area.

Also, on staff at participating locations is a Silver Sneakers advisor who will tell you all about the program, the benefits and help you get started. As a Silver Sneakers member, you also have access to seminars that focus on health education and fitness related activities in your community.

As far as Medicare coverage goes, Silver Sneakers is considered a basic Fitness service. The service is not covered through Original Medicare. Part A and Part B coverage don’t offer the program either. But, many Medicare Advantage plans, referred to as Part C coverage, do pay for your participation in the Silver Sneakers program.

If you would like to find out if your Medicare Advantage plan pays for you to participate in the Silver Sneakers program, click here.

Remember, your Colorado Silver Sneakers membership includes:

  • A program advisor who serves as your guide to the fitness center and the benefits you receive
  • Access to seminars to learn about healthy lifestyles and other health-related topics
  • Access to other fitness related events in your community

Keep in mind though, there may be services available at your gym or fitness center in Colorado that are not covered by your Silver Sneakers membership. This may include services such as tanning beds, personal training sessions or massage therapy. Even specialty drinks and juices may not be covered. Before receiving any extra services, check with your Silver Sneakers ambassador to make sure they are included in your plan.

You can contact the Silver Sneakers Customer Service hotline at 1-888-423-4632, Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 8 PM ET (TTY users call 711) for more information.



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