Skiing and Snowboarding Accidents – Understanding Medical and Liability Coverage on Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

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Skiing and snowboarding is an exciting pastime, but dangerous too. Unfortunately, injuries do happen. Sometimes people hurt themselves, but sometimes, someone else is to blame. What if you have a collision and hurt someone on the mountain, are you responsible? More importantly, are you protected?

Injury Lawsuits for Skiing and Snowboarding Accidents 

In order for someone to file a lawsuit and collect damages from you for a skiing or snowboarding accident, you must be at fault. What that means is you cannot be held responsible for an accident you are part of on the slopes, unless you acted improperly. If there is fault on your part that resulted in injury—and it can be proven—you could be held liable.

How is it determined that you were at fault? In most states, there are negligent or recklessness standards in place. In other words, you have the responsibility to act with reasonable care. If you do, no problem, accidents happen. But if you don’t, and you are negligent or reckless, then you can be held responsible for injuries you cause.

Keep in mind, not every injury is the result of reckless or negligent behavior. Skiing and snowboarding accidents occur all the time where no one is at fault—both people involved simply have an accident.

Your Homeowner’s Policy Can Protect You Against Damages and Medical Liability 

The good news is, if you or one of your family members is found to be at fault on the slopes, your current insurance policy may provide financial help.

Personal liability is part of both the standard homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance policy, with coverage for bodily injury and property damage sustained by others that you or a family member causes.

Personal liability insurance coverage can protect you if you are sued, and will pay damages to the injured person—up to your policy limits.

Another type of liability coverage that you can include on your insurance policy is medical payments. If you are found to be at fault on the slopes and someone else is injured, having this coverage in place means your policy may pay for medical expenses. Typical coverage is $1,000 per person, but can be increased.

Exclusions May Apply—Read Your Policy Carefully, and Seek Professional Guidance 

Of course, just because you have homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance does not mean you are covered in all situations. Be sure to read your policy carefully, and make note of any exclusions that apply.

With decades of experience handling homeowner’s needs, we can help you customize an insurance plan that works for you. As an avid skier, it makes sense to look into the details surrounding medical payments and personal liability protection on your policy. After all, accidents are a part of life—being left unprepared is not.



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