Colorado Medicare Supplement Plan G

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There are certain out of pocket costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover. Colorado Plan G is a Medicare Supplement Plan designed to offer broader health care coverage.

Some of the benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan G include:

  • Coverage for the Medicare Part A deductible
  • Coverage for Medicare Part A hospital or hospice coinsurance or copayments
  • Coverage for Medicare Part A hospital costs and coinsurance for up to one year after Original Medicare benefits are exhausted
  • Coverage for foreign travel emergencies up to 80 percent of a plan’s limit
  • Coverage for the first three pints of blood during a medical procedure
  • Coverage for out of pocket expenses associated with Medicare Part B excess charges
  • Coverage for charges for Medicare Part B coinsurance and copayments

In short, Medicare Supplement Plan G is designed to help recipients with out of pocket costs associated with Original Medicare.

Medicare Part B Excess Charges for Colorado Beneficiaries

Medicare Supplement Plan G also includes coverage for Medicare Part B excess charges. Excess charges are created when there is a difference between what Original Medicare will pay and what your provider charges for a particular service. Typically, Medicare has agreed upon rates with providers. This is known as the Medicare fee schedule. However, if you seek treatment or health services with a physician who doesn’t accept a Medicare assignment, you may incur Medicare excess charges.

For example, suppose you visit a doctor who doesn’t accept the Medicare assignment. The doctor charges $150 for your office visit plus an additional 15 percent excess fee. Medicare pays only $100 for an office visit. You will then be billed a Medicare excess charge of $50.00 plus the additional 15 percent fee. So, a Medicare recipient may be responsible for an additional $72.50 in out of pocket expenses.

However, a Plan G covers out of pocket expenses and excess fees. So, with a Medicare Supplement Plan G, the recipient has no out of pocket expenses when visiting a doctor without a Medicare assignment.

Medicare Supplemental Plan G Availability in Colorado

Medicare Supplemental Plan G offers the same lineup of benefits regardless of the Colorado health insurance provider who administers the plan. However, plan costs and availability can vary from carrier to carrier.

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