Colorado Medicare Supplement Plan F vs Plan G

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Plan F and Plan G are Medicare supplement plans that work in conjunction with Medicare Part A and Part B. As a Medicare recipient you may choose Plan F or Plan G as part of your overall Medicare coverage.

Here we will look at the differences between Medicare Plan F versus Medicare Plan G.

Plan F Features in Colorado

Medicare supplement Plan F in Colorado offers the most extensive coverage available in a Medicare supplement plan. It includes coverage for out of pocket expenses and coverage gaps contained in both Medicare Part A and Part B. Here are some of what Medicare Plan F covers:

  1. Hospital costs including deductible or coinsurance costs for hospital stays under Part A
  2. Charges from hospitalization over and above the Medicare benefits
  3. The first three pints of blood administered
  4. Coinsurance costs and deductibles from hospice care
  5. Other approved hospital expenses from Medicare Part A
  6. Coinsurance and copayments from Medicare Part B
  7. Doctors office fees approved by Medicare
  8. Deductible from Medicare Part B and excess charges of Medicare Part B
  9. Up to 80 percent of an emergency during foreign travel
  10. Other out of pocket expenses associated with Medicare Part B coverage

If all these Medicare Plan F features were lumped together, it basically means Plan F Medicare recipients pay only their premium. Plan F covers essentially any other out of pockets costs associated with Part A and Part B. In short, Plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage available.

Plan G Features in Colorado

Medicare Supplemental Plan G  in Colorado is almost identical to Plan F. There is, however, one difference. Plan F pays for the Medicare Part B deductible and Plan G does not.

Once a Plan G recipient pays the out of pocket deductible for Part B, the supplemental coverage is the same. The premium for Plan G is typically less than the premium for Plan F because of the associated out of pocket cost to meet the Part B deductible.

Choosing a Medicare Supplemental Plan in Colorado

The cost of your Medicare Plan F or Plan G depends on many factors including your health, age, whether you are male or female and which company in Colorado you select to administer your Medicare Supplement.

The premium for Medicare Plan F is typically more than the premium for Medicare Plan G because Plan F is the most comprehensive plan available.

Some recipients choose to purchase the more comprehensive supplement plan in order to have peace of mind of complete coverage.

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